Family of grower champagne since 1768 in Bouzy

Benoit Paillard

I came back to the family smallholding in 1973. I have never really chosen this trade, because I learned it step by step with my father Pierre. In my childhood, every Thursday was spent in the vineyards or in the cellars, there was always so much to keep us busy!

Very young I found myself at the head of the winery, meaning I had to push my way forward with a strong will and an open mind. Indeed, at the age of 58, I am still learning...the vine is my canvas and my wines are my paintings.

You know, being a vine-grower is a rustic life, following the rhythm of the vine, the harvest and various encounters. Everything is always moving, what's more with a new generation coming up, under the influence of magic emotion and simplicity! We live through this together.

Antoine Paillard

Who are you?

I am a vine-grower, wine-maker and globetrotter. I love wine and I am fascinated by
champagne. I like the idea that you need years to build, elaborate and create exceptional

Where do you come from?

From Bouzy ! A small piece of land in the middle of the Champagne region. However, I left it for my studies. Languedoc, Burgundy, Spain, Argentina... Never far from the vineyards. Studies and human experiences which have taught me a lot and are helping
me today.

A thought?

I really think that champagne is a unique wine. A subtle balance between the complexity
of a great white wine and the magic of effervescence.

Quentin Paillard

I am honoured and lucky to be born in a winemakers' family; at an early age I used to pick the grapes during the harvest and taste their sweet and fruity juice. Later I tasted the still wines and took part with wonder in the various steps of creating Champagne.

I have travelled over various continents in order to accumulate knowledge and to understand the cultural and commercial practices of each one.

I started learning about vine and wine in Champagne. Then I went to Bordeaux, the largest winemaking region in France to learn about wine marketing and sale.

I am a great wine lover, fascinated and curious about wines in France and in the world..


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