Pierre Paillard: family of winemaker for 8 generations in Champagne

A family of winemakers for 8 generations

Our history is indeed rare, with its pages written over more than two hundred years...

It is quite moving to read all these signatures. They are all a testimony of the pride and the will to make great champagne wines.

More than 200 years of experience.

Our family tree almost follows the geology of the Bouzy terroir, as each generation has been tilling its soil and working its vines, some of which are one hundred years old.

In the past, we were shepherds in chalky Champagne (Pouilleuse), then inn-keepers and carters, also school master. Around 1768, Antoine Paillard buys a few acres of vineyards in Bouzy and becomes a winemaker, following the tracks of Dom Pérignon!

These 8 generations are one of the master keys in our daily work, as they are the source
of a great reflection on the future of our traditions and our modernity.


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