Harvest 2011

The harvests 2011 are now finished, we worked hard during ten days, picking and pressing the grapes. The vat house smells delicate perfumes of grapes and we enjoy tasting the sweet juice of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We taste the different plots of our vineyards and try to figure which are the characteristic of 2011 (acidity, sugar, aromas etc..)

The juice turns into wine thanks to the fermentation process, the yeast, added to the grapes converts the natural sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide. We are looking forward to taste the still wine!

The harvest 2011 started in august and this is the 3rd time in ten years after 2003 and 2007 than is happens. Is this the global warming consequence or just a coincidence? Only time and observation will give us certitudes.

However, we are more and more concern picking the grapes at the right time with the correct balance between the sugar and the acidity level.

Each harvest is different, each vintage is unique, and this is why we love our work

Quentin Paillard

Harvest 2011
Harvest 2011

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