Pierre Paillard sustainable practices: controlled yields and naturally balanced wines

Respecting the balance between the soil and the vine

Controlled yields and naturally balanced wines

For 20 years, we have been practising sustainable practices in order to regain a balance of our soils. No fertilizers for 15 years, natural grassing between rows, 2-year fallow period before replanting.... Today, the vines have learned to self-regulate, the yields are under control and the wines are better balanced.

Choice of the vegetal material

Soil is one thing, but vegetal material is another thing. Each new plot is planted with vegetal material selected from our own vineyards. This is called mass selection.

Each new vine stock comes from our own "mother vine", monitored year after year, in order to select the best plants which will then be grafted. The goal of this meticulous work is to ensure the diversity of our own vegetal material, as opposed to clones, which are certainly qualitative, but anonymous in their origins and identical in their profiles.

Sensible vine culture.

Our vines are grown according to the principles of sensible culture, ecologically compatible with a good health of the plant and the fruit? Each year is different, each soil is specific and we focus on adapting natural compost, natural grass growing, accepting harmful life-forms and cryptogamic risks. This is a fascinating part of our trade... our daily life requires patience, observation, documentation, analyses and exchanges.

Regular maintenance of the soil and the vine

Lastly, over the last fifteen years, we have lengthened the average age of our vineyards to around 30 years... A balance which must now be maintained through regular uprooting of plots, followed by leaving the land fallow for two years, during which the growth of grasses is encouraged to produce green fertilizers. This practice is very rare in Champagne, economically inefficient but ecologically very favourable for the elimination of some viruses and provision of soil-structuring elements. Don't forget that the new vine will be here for 50 years or more.

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