Champagne finest blend, low dosage, long time ageing: Pierre paillard style

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Our motto:

The vine is our mate, the grape is its worth, its experience gives it maturity

Our golden rule:

Work on the freshness and elegance of our wines more through the grape varieties and the terroir than through the vinification process. This produces an inimitable style, as it has been based on an unusual varietal distribution for several generations. A Pinot Noir / Chardonnay ratio unique in Bouzy. This is our strength, one of the pillars of our style.

Our secrets:

How do we create such a particular style? Vinification by plots, finest blends, long times ageing and low dosages, this is what produces the Pierre Paillard style.

- Vinifications by plots are the foundations of our winemaking choices. In 2001, a new vat-room was specially designed and built to best meet the requirements of plot vinifications. Therefore, each plot is separately worked on and tasted. You can believe us when we say that a 50-year-old plot doesn't have the same taste characteristics as a younger plot.

- Blends: Should we pick out wines from the previous harvests? Should we bring more of such and such grape variety this year? Will we get a vintage year? So many questions which push us forward, so many days when the young adults are troubled by the quiet thoughtfulness brought on by experience. You have to imagine that when we blend the wines we have to think forward over several years when the champagne will be poured into your glasses! And this is really magic, unique, an intimate part of our trade. It is certainly our greatest wealth.

- Ageing times are not chosen at random. They are the result of our blends and here lies our strength. 4-year ageing for our Brut and Rosé will bring balance and finesse, while 8 years for our Vintage will bring out complexity and elegance!

- Dosages are decided upon after monthly blind tastings. Few tasters know about the major influence of the dosage to produce an extra Brut, Brut or Demi-Sec! Whoever has lived this moment understands a lot about champagne!

Finest blends, ageing, low dosage and precise vinifications

Finesse, elegance, complexity. This is the style of the wines at Pierre Paillard.

Balance requires time. Once the grapes are harvested, the timescale takes on another dimension. Wine needs time to grow.

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