The Pierre Paillard style is born from our winemaker's heritage.

Independence, daring and humility

The Pierre Paillard style is born from our winemaker's heritage. It is the expression of a knowledge regulated by the everlasting study of the vine and the wine.

Our signature is the quest for balance and elegance amidst the amazing complexity of the Bouzy terroir!


Seduction by inimitability

The style of the Pierre Paillard wines is born from our matchless blends where none but us decide to mix the complexity and vinosity of the Pinot Noir with the freshness and minerality of the Chardonnay.

A united family

Part of our style is also to be a united family where the mix of generations we have known is the best fermenting blend of both modern and ancient in order to produce tailor-made French quality.

Customized relationships

Benoît, Antoine and Quentin, masters of the Pierre Paillard style, are its ambassadors, always ready to listen to their partners. Throughout the world, it is vital for us to meet sommeliers, chefs and ambassadors of Champagne Pierre Paillard and to share with them our champagnes and Bouzy Rouge. Thus we create complicity, a sincere and human relationship.

Fond Haut
Fond Haut
Fond Bas
Fond Bas

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