The vines

The starting point of our wine lies in vineyard management; understanding the complex interactions between the vegetal, mineral and organic elements.

The Winegrower

Winegrowers are an essential part of the viticulture process. Experience and knowledge of the terroirs is acquired and transmitted over the centuries and across familial generations. Precision is essential for dedicated viticulture. At our estate each hectare of vines is tended by a designated vineyard worker.

The Vineyards

Our land in Bouzy is organically farmed. Diversity of plant material, ensured by massal selection of the best Pinot Noir vines, and farming the soil with the greatest respect allows us to obtain optimum maturity from the vines. The expression “grow less but better” is integral to our practice.

Preservation of Our Terroirs

We strive to farm responsibly to ensure healthy vineyards for future generations. This means gentle pruning that respects the sap flow and allows young vines to grow old. Using massal selection, we bring diversity and complexity to our grapes and by challenging the notion of monoculture we allow trees, hedges and rural buildings to onc e more have prominence on our land.

The Pierre Paillard Loge, a one room modest construction historically used for shelter and tool storage, is situated in the lieu-dit La Goutte d’Or, a renowned Bouzy terroir. Drawing by Julien Jacquot, Architect and Founding Partner of PLANDA Architects

Loge Pierre Paillard
Loge Pierre Paillard

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